1. I created this for the film Octavia: Elegy for a Vampire's blog and FB page. The blog is live.

    2014 © Katherine Hyunkyung Oh

  2. Finally completed this tattoo design about three daughters. The mother is a happy woman!

    2014 © Katherine Hyunkyung Oh

  3. Here is the first piece I’ve created for the upcoming film, Octavia: Elegy For A Vampire by Dennis Leroy Kangalee! More to come.

    2014 © Katherine Hyunkyung Oh

  4. patternbase:

    Gache Pattern Experiment i, Pen, Ink and Digital, 2014 © Katherine Hyunkyung Oh


    My Gache Pattern is up on patternbase

  5. Instagache gif2014© Katherine Hyunkyung Oh, On my homepage: http://okayohyeah.com/