1. Finally completed this tattoo design about three daughters. The mother is a happy woman!

  2. Here is the first piece I’ve created for the upcoming film, Octavia: Elegy For A Vampire by Dennis Leroy Kangalee! More to come.

  3. patternbase:

    Gache Pattern Experiment i, Pen, Ink and Digital, 2014 © Katherine Hyunkyung Oh


    My Gache Pattern is up on patternbase

  4. Instagache gif2014© Katherine Hyunkyung Oh, On my homepage: http://okayohyeah.com/

  5. shannonaston:

    California (Ricoh GR1)

    Traveling around California with shannonaston.
  6. Gache Pattern Experiment i, Pen, Ink and Digital, 2014© Katherine Hyunkyung Oh

  7. New series, “Instagache”. See the rest on my updated website: http://okayohyeah.com/igache.html Katherine Hyunkyung Oh 2014©

  8. shannonaston:

    Malibu, CA

    Last spot at the site. Malibu, you were kind.

  9. Last Saturday’s Korean gache at Oceanside Harbor on shannonaston's Channel Islands New Flyer demo board. 

  10. Experimenting with today’s gache.

    12 June Inverse Gache, 2014©

    Katherine Hyunkyung Oh


  11. If you are in NYC, please support Artist Jean Rim and Special Friend!!!


    Artists: Jean Rim and Special Friend

    Date: Thursday June 12, 2014

    Hours: 4-8pm

    Location: Union Square, NYC
    The performance will utilize the whole park so please take a moment to look for them.

    On June 12th, 2014 the artist Jean Rim & Special Friend will perform an art piece that is a…

  12. Prep for new paintings. Gesso, sand, repeat.

  13. Designer Party has a great post about Korean Comic Artist Sanho Kim, who was born in 1939, South Korea. He was considered to be “the first artist working in a Manhwa style to be published regularly in the United States.”

  14. #Paper Cut-out done. Double sided #painting. #art indoors in #seoul #korea #artist

  15. #Painting details this morning. #art #paper #seoul #korea